Firm Profile

Galloway & Lyndall, LLP is a small, general practice law firm located in the southern crescent of metropolitan Atlanta area. The firm’s practice is concentrated in the areas of utility regulation law, zoning and development law, local government law and general commercial litigation. The firm’s utility regulation practice is conducted primarily before the Georgia Public Service Commission, covering all services within its statutory jurisdiction – telecommunications, natural gas, electricity and facilities protection. Often the firm coordinates its Georgia regulatory practice with other counsel throughout the nation on Georgia regulatory matters. The firm often supports counsel (primarily located in Washington, D.C.) on matters pending before the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The firm’s utility regulation practice accounts for approximately 40% of the firm’s practice. The firm has an active practice in zoning and development law, coupled with its representation of smaller local governments. These areas also account for approximately 40% of the firm’s practice. The remainder of the firm’s work focuses on general commercial litigation. More detail on each practice area in which the firm is engaged can be found at the “Practice Areas” tab of this website.

Firm History:

Discussions leading to the formation of Galloway & Lyndall, LLP began in late 1999. The firm was formed and commenced business on June 1, 2000. The firm resulted from the merger of two firms: Newton M. Galloway & Assoc. and The Regulatory Law Group of Philip J. Smith and Terri M. Lyndall. The firm’s first name was Smith, Galloway, Lyndall and Fuchs, with four principals: Philip J. Smith, Newton M. Galloway, Terri M. Lyndall and Dean R. Fuchs. The firm operated out of two offices, Buckhead and Griffin.

In 2003, Mr. Smith returned to the Georgia Public Service Commission where he continues to work on energy matters, and Mr. Fuchs left the firm to develop a labor law practice. Beginning January 1, 2004, the firm commenced business under its current name. Later that year, J. Chadwick Torri joined the firm as an associate. The firm continued its business from both its Buckhead and Griffin locations until October, 2010 when it consolidated its offices into the Lewis-Mills House in Griffin.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to serve the needs of our clients with quality legal service and personal attention. We strive to treat clients, judges, elected officials, regulators and opposing parties and counsel, with simple honesty, respect and integrity. We strive to apply a practical, common sense approach to the issues and challenges that confront our clients. We strive to keep the clients’ best economic interests a priority. We strive to respect the work that our clients have undertaken to develop thriving, entrepreneurial enterprises, and we strive to respect their experience in running their businesses and their good judgment that results therefrom. We strive to know our clients personally, as well as professionally. Finally, we strongly believe that our clients are their own best advocates.