Local Government Law

Galloway & Lyndall, LLP has represented local governments in south metropolitan Atlanta since its inception. In addition to representing Spalding County, Georgia on zoning matters, the firm has also represented Pike County, Georgia and Lamar County, Georgia. The firm has also represented the following Georgia cities: Sunnyside, Orchard Hill, Milner and Williamson. Prior to the creation of this firm, the firm’s principals also performed work for the cities of Morrow, McDonough, Senoia, Zebulon and Lovejoy.

The firm’s work for local governments has ranged the gamut of local government issues. We have assisted local governments in all phases of planning and development, including the development and implementation of comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, development ordinances, sign regulations and architectural/landscaping development regulations. We have defended local governments in zoning and commercial litigation. We have been involved with resolution of personnel and employee issues. We have assisted local governments with compliance with obligations imposed under Georgia’s Open Meetings law (O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1, et. seq.) and Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70, et. seq.), and we have defended them against allegations of non-compliance therewith. We have drafted ordinances to authorize and regulate alcohol sales. We have assisted with municipal and county code enforcement. We have assisted municipalities with the development, financing, construction and operation of water and sewer systems. To that end, we have also worked with municipalities to obtain grants for utility system development and expansion, and we have worked with municipalities to issue and validate bond issues required for such projects. We have negotiated cable and other franchise agreements for local governments. The firm has worked as liaison between its municipalities and various state agencies, such as the Department of Revenue and the Department of Community Affairs, on a variety of local government issues. We have also represented local governments in apportionment and election related issues. We have dealt with a broad array of annexation related issues.

The firm also represents local governments that operate natural gas and electric systems before the Georgia Public Service Commission.