Natural Gas

Galloway & Lyndall, LLP represents both natural gas marketers and municipal natural gas providers in matters pending before the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC).  We have been at the forefront of all regulatory developments affecting the natural gas industry in Georgia since 1998.  At that time, Georgia became the first state in the nation to deregulate the distribution of natural gas to businesses and consumers.  We played an integral role in the development of rules, regulations and subsequent legislation to implement Georgia’s new competitive model for the natural gas industry. 

Thereafter, we represented one of the major natural gas marketers that entered the Georgia market after deregulation in virtually all proceedings conducted by the PSC. We continue to represent natural gas marketers in Georgia. Since 2008, we have represented the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (Gas Authority) and numerous municipal natural gas providers.  We have assisted municipal providers seeking certificates of public convenience and necessity to provide natural gas service, required for municipal providers that desire to expand their service areas beyond the geographic boundaries of their home counties. 

In this area of our practice, we were instrumental in gaining approval for a redundant distribution line to be built through Coweta County in order to serve the natural gas needs of the new KIA plant in West Point, Georgia.  We have worked with the Gas Authority and its member municipalities to negotiate and develop safety plans governing the provision of natural gas service through facilities located in each county in Georgia served by more than one (1) natural gas provider.  We have also been involved in litigation resulting from the implementation of the PSC’s County Wide Safety Plan Rule.  We have assisted in the formulation, development and advocacy of policy statements for new rules and regulations before the PSC and Georgia legislature.  We have been instrumental in developing regulatory strategies to address many regulatory issues affecting natural gas providers in Georgia.

Finally, we played a major role in the development of the State’s CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) program.  Our work in that arena is described in more detail under the heading “Renewable/Clean Energy.”